Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is web development?

Web development is the science behind constructing a website on the internet. It goes far beyond what you actually see. Websites communicate not only with people, but also other websites. If you think of web development like a surgery, what you actually see online is equivalent to an incision closure. In addition to making the website look pretty, a web developer's task is to ensure the website is properly built in order to respond fast and perform its desired tasks.

+ Why is it important own a properly constructed website?

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Owning your idea or personal portfolio on the internet will become just as important as owning a physical asset. For example, rather than business cards, a personal portfolio website is significantly more informative in introducing yourself. Web standards are rapidly changing, hiring a skilled web developer will keep your website from becoming outdated.

+ What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the science of ranking on search engines, with Google obviously being the most popular. Google SEO utilizes a special algorithm to rank websites. A skilled web developer can help you website meet these stringent criteria.

+ How do I improve my website's Google search engine ranking?

While no one other than Google's head engineer fully understands Google's ranking algorithm, Google generally ranks web pages based on appropriately structured software coding, content freshness and uniqueness, authoritativeness, screen responsiveness, and speed.

+ What is user interface & user experience (UI/UX)?

UI/UX is the science behind end-user (human) interaction with your website.

A website should be structured cleanly so the user can easily locate the information or page they're looking for. When it's done well, optimal UI/UX design can increase the chance of converting a user into a client.

+ What is screen responsiveness and why is it important?

Responsive design is the art of creating a website that automatically structures the page based on the device you are using.

Just as little as 10 years ago, mobile phones barely account for much of the total web traffic. Since then, web traffic can range from mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and more! You may have seen websites that look good on a destop, but appear all out of whack on a mobile device. That's because older web pages (or poorly built websites) did not take into account the various screen sizes.

I welcome you to browse the Modern Vet Solutions website on any device, each screen size offers a slight bit of a different experience.

+ I'm looking to build my website for free with WordPress or Wix, is that okay?


Not every website requires a dedicated web developer. In fact, most of the websites online are built using a website-builder. The most important question to ask yourself is - "what purpose do I want my website to serve?"

The veterinary-equivalent scenario I like to use is a pet getting vaccines from a vaccine clinic versus a full-service hospital. The pet's immune system will elicit a response regardless of the setting, but you as a veterinary professional understands the value of a prolonged consultation. The advantage of a web developer is to optimize the health of your website, pointing out problems you otherwise would not have noticed.

+ I want to start a veterinary business, but I don't know where to begin, what should I do?

Most veterinary entrepreneurs are lost in the beginning due to an explosion of ideas. Narrow down the problem(s) you're looking to solve and understand who your target audience is. Ask yourself what values you're able to generate for your customers.

From there, create a business plan to tackle your proposed problem(s) and ways to reach your audience. It's a slow process, and ideas evolve over time. A task list will help you get started!

+ No really, Dr. Andy Chiang is a veterinarian, why is he coding websites?

He just loves it! Call it a hobby if you will. Also, he has met numerous veterinarians who were taken advantage of by unethical web developers, overcharging for poorly performing websites. He truly believes that his knowledge in web development can help fellow veterinarians.

By no means does he know everything technology-related, this is why Silicon Valley software engineers get paid the big bucks! But he knows enough to understand the values and limitations of different technologies.

As much as he enjoys working as a veterinarian, he also enjoys a skillset that allows him to work remotely. He hopes to help other veterinarians find valuable passions outside of veterinary medicine.