Hello, My name Andy and I am a ... RELIEF VETERINARIAN

Dr. Andy Chiang with a corgi
Tech-forward solutions

Technology has altered business standards across industries, including the veterinary profession. The pace of adaptation will only accelerate in the coming decade. Who better to help you navigtate through this rapidly changing environment than a veterinarian who understands the computer language?

+ Who is Modern Vet Solutions for?

Anyone who is interested in taking advantage of the ongoing revolution in the pet industry! Whether you're a veterinarian looking to build your portfolio website, starting a relief venture, or a veterinary nurse with a pet-related business, we're here for you. Our vision is the continuous improvement of the pet industry, one idea at a time.


Relief Veterinarian


Dr. Chiang started his veterinary relief journey in 2017. With experiences at 30+ different clinical settings under his belt, he has accumulated vast knowledge ranging from privately-owned family practices, corporate veterinary hospitals, vaccine clinics, emergency centers, to exotic clinics!


Web Development

While many know him as Dr. Chiang, the veterinarian, he also assumes the role as Andy, the web developer.

Through his relief journey that spans across opposite coasts, he notices one common theme that plagues the veterinary profession - inefficiency due to an outdated system. To find a solution, he dedicated years on learning how technology can be utilized to help great ideas come to life.


Business Consultation

Dr. Chiang's entrepreneurial journey began when he dipped his toes in veterinary relief back in 2017. With that, opportunities opened up where he held roles in consulting hospitals to improve efficiency, collaborating with veterinary start-ups to solve industry problems, and even founded his own companies.


My Work

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A science-based pet education website that offers the most comprehensive pet health content on the web. The platform is built with a SEO-oriented approach, and it has generated several Google first page, top ranked, and featured snippet articles.

This fact-centered mindset has earned KovitaPets a spot on Google News, the search engine's effort to combat misinformation on the web.

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What is Andy Doing NOWFounder

A passion project that explores the difficult, yet crucial topic of mental wellbeing in the veterinary profession. 1 in 6 veterinarians have considered suicide, making this one of the most urgent issues facing the veterinary profession today.

This is an industry-wide issue that can't be solved by a single person alone. What we can do as a profession is to continue to learn more about mental health, find solutions, and share our experiences along the way.


RIFRUFVeterinary Advisor

A lifestyle brand that brings fashionable, functional, and comfortable dog shoes to pet parents. The brand has been published by prominent mediat outlet such as Forbes, HYPEBEAST, BuzzFeed, Rover, and more.

The animal-loving founders of this amazing brand bought into the education-centered approach. They dedicate their effort in creating products that improve pet health.

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